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    Many people wonder why they need volleyball shoes. Why should I buy a volleyball shoe for playing volleyball instead of a running shoe? While there are many reasons to buy volleyball shoes for playing volleyball, it comes down to durability, support and performance.

    Better Durability
    Volleyball Shoes feature a reinforced toe area, which is the first area to wear on shoes while playing volleyball. This is especially important for players who find themselves dragging their feet on serves. Volleyball shoes will last much longer than other types of shoes when used for volleyball.
    Enhanced Support
    Volleyball Shoes offer superior structure and support for medial and lateral stability for quick cuts and changes of direction on the court. Better support and cushioning keeps you at the top of your game and helps reduce injuries.
    Improved Performance
    Most volleyball shoes feature various types of rubber outsoles for superior traction on court surfaces, making them the ideal choice for volleyball players.

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