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    Youth volleyball shoes are relatively new to the market and recently have become popular as more children are playing volleyball. Why should parents buy youth volleyball shoes for their children?

    With a child who plays volleyball, many parents will notice the first part of the shoe to wear is the toe area. Volleyball players spend a lot of time dragging their toes, especially on serves. Youth volleyball shoes have been designed with a reinforced toe area to prevent premature wear. Many parents will find that one pair of volleyball shoes outlasts multiple pairs of tennis shoes or running shoes.
    Youth volleyball shoes, like their larger adult counterparts, are designed specifically with volleyball in mind. These youth shoes feature more support for side the to side movements and quick cuts volleyball players make. The rubber outsole provides for superior traction on court surfaces. Cross-trainers, running shoes or any other shoe, will likely not provide the type of unique support that volleyball players require. Volleyball shoes also feature a non-marking outsole to keep marks off the court. Another advantage is the fact that many youth volleyball shoes have adult versions, allowing players to continue to use their favorite shoes throughout their volleyball career.

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