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    Buying a pair of volleyball shoes can be a frustrating experience. There are so many models and different styles it can be hard to decide which volleyball shoe offers the best performance or value.

    Shop By Position
    Asics has begun targeting their shoes to specific positions on the court. While most shoes aren't targeted to a specific position, the shoe's features will give you a good idea whether it is right for your style or not. Many shoes fall into one of two categories: lightweight and stability.
    These volleyball shoes feature cutting-edge technologies designed to reduce the weight of the shoe while retaining structural integrity. They also provide increased cushioning and support. Lightweight volleyball shoes are an ideal choice for all volleyball players, especially hitters or players who are extremely active and require more speed. The cushioning and support provided by these shoes is superior to most other shoes, including running shoes, as they are designed specifically with volleyball in mind.
    Volleyball shoes in the stability category offer even more cushioning and support, yet often weigh much more than the lightweight volleyball shoes. These shoes include the Wave Tornado line from Mizuno, as well as the GEL-Sensei and GEL-Domain lines from Asics. Players who choose these shoes will experience added comfort and support. Taller and more stationary players tend to choose these shoes for increased comfort that they demand.

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