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Volleyball Central is a volleyball-specific venture created and managed by Scoreboard Sports, Utah's premiere athletic dealer and retailer.

With over 17 years of sporting goods retail experience, Volleyball Central is in a unique position to service our customers. We operate two retail locations located in Bountiful, Utah and Orem, Utah. This allows us to cater to our customers both online and offline in our brick and mortar stores, which offer customers a hands-on experience with products.

Having physical retail locations also allows us to offer superior customer support. Problems? Simply Call our customer support phone number (866.801.7701) and we will be happy to assist you with anything you need.

Because of our retail experience, we are deeply involved in the community. We supply local schools and leagues with everything from volleyballs and volleyball nets to jerseys, shorts and warm-ups. We also offer special team discounts and customized team apparel. Want your team name or logo on some warm-ups with your name on back? No problem. Want just one customized volleyball jersey for yourself? We do that, too.

Most of our products can be customized. Simply look for the "Custom Team" or "Custom Name" entires located on each product's page. If you would like to add your team logo, you may email the logo to us at sales@volleyballcentral.net. What once was an expensive and time-consuming process is now quick, easy and much more affordable.

Whether you are looking for volleyball shoes from Mizuno or Asics, jerseys, shorts, warm-ups, nets or volleyballs, Volleyball Central is uniquely positioned to offer superior support, service and prices. We carry all major brands that matter most to volleyball players.

Volleyball Central is your source for everything volleyball.

Customers are our number one priority. Don't hesitate to give us a call or email us questions.

Scoreboard Sports

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